Good News!

Because of your generous donations, we have been able to purchase a portable drill for Dr. Emmanuel Bastien to use.  He is a Hatitian trained dentist who travels to Lazil once amonth.  In the past, he has been able to do mainly extractions, but this new drill will allow him to also restore and preserve those precious teeth.

Thank You Sweet Basil

Dave Becker, owner of Sweet Basil, one of Needham's favorite restaurants hosted another fabulous fund raiser for COH-Haiti. A prix-fix meal was offered with a fine Haitian flare. Half of the price of the meal was donated to COH. It was well attended and close to $2,000 was raised to help our work in Haiti. A shout out also to Tim Fichera, chef, who has visited Haiti with us in the past and helped create the menu, to Sarah Shaw, manager who helped organize this and who prepared some of the fabulous deserts, and to the rest of the staff at Sweet Basil for their help and support. 

Thanks to COH, Miglene Bourdeau is Full Time Nurse in Lazile, Haiti

Meet Miglene Bourdeau. She is the nurse who recently started working full time in the community of Lazile, Haiti. Her salary and the cost of medications she can dispense under our guidelines are paid for through Circle of Hope. This is an exciting step for the community of Lazile -- one they have long hoped for.


Miglene has a bachelors degree in nursing and previously worked in cholera treatment programs as well as several other settings. One of our IMT nurses will be going to Lazile next week to work with her and help make sure she has a solid start to her work there. Another group of IMT members will visit there in August and bring needed medication and provide help with patient management.

Medical Trip To Haiti

Our group of 15 volunteers returned from a week in Haiti on 3/3/12. We were again based in Leogane and travelled daily from there to the surrounding communities, running mobile medical clinics. We treated 1,000 people this trip!  Thanks to all of your generous support, we were able to hire a Haitian dentist to work with us for part of the week.  He worked tirelessly, seeing 25 patients a day and relieved them of the pain they had been suffering from abscessed teeth.


Working WITH the Haitian professionals is a powerful experience. The future of health care in Haiti needs to be in Haitian hands and we very much look forward to partnering with those professionals, in our future visits, who have chosen to stay in their country and work with their people.IMT Team