Thanks to B In Touch Massage Therapy

Seems like the folks at B In Touch Massage Therapy are always looking out for us.  Over the summer, clients were urged to bring in toiletries to donate to Circle of Hope.  Every donation gave the donor an entry to win a free massage!  Talk about feeling good in two completely different ways!   


The staff at B In Touch Massage Therapy are always passing the word along when we are looking for specific items.  And they often share our posts on Facebook.  Thank you to Bonnie and her staff, and clients of B In Touch Massage Therapy.  You are good friends to Circle of Hope. 



The Need for Circle of Hope Just Became GREATER

We at Circle of Hope have been informed that, throughout the past few months, the number of homeless families in the Greater Boston area has risen dramatically. One of the reasons behind this increase is that landlords who are hesitant to evict their tenants in the winter become less lenient once the temperature rises. These newly homeless families - many of whom happen to be young, single, first-time mothers and their children - are becoming desperate for shelter as space becomes increasingly limited and they are forced into placement in remote motels. To make the situation even more difficult, they are also being faced with the inability to find work during their children’s summer vacation, as there is no one to care for them during the day. As the number of families seeking shelter has increased, the number of organizations that are willing or able to provide them with food or clothing has decreased. In the past year, several non-profits have dramatically limited their services to the homeless.
Although the newly traumatic state of the homeless population in Boston appears unnerving, it confirms that there is no better time to help than now. With the reduction of organizations providing clothing and necessities to families in need, Circle of Hope's impact has become even more substantial...and essential. As one of the few remaining nonprofits doing what we do, the continued support of donors and volunteers like you is crucial in providing these struggling families with the tools necessary to get their families homes and lives they deserve.